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Image of Bjecos

Taste Quinta’s “Bjecos” are a version of the typical Madeira breadsticks which we are daring to present in two varieties: salty and with sesame seeds.

• The salty variety is more audacious, harking at the beginning of spring, anticipating laid-back summer evenings with a more heady accompaniment such as beer, or something more spirituous, for example a white Port wine or a dry/medium-dry Madeira wine.

• In the sesame seeds variety, the nutty flavour of the sesame and a hint of flower of salt combine to form a perfect covering, are the ideal accompaniment for moments when you are more inclined towards the cosiness of a cup of tea, a coffee, or a hot chocolate on an autumn-hued or cold winter’s evening.

These biscuits, prepared with wholly organic ingredients, capture one’s attention through their crunchy but soft, almost puff-pastry-like texture, giving way at first bite, inviting us to nibble.


Image of Bjecos