Pineapple Jam

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Image of Pineapple Jam

Taste Quinta’s pineapple jam is the result of adding organic raw sugar to the fruto rei (“king fruit”) - the name given to the Ananas comosus L. Merrill, Cayenne variety, doing justice to its royal status - which, to the Portuguese, is known simply as the Azores pineapple.

Nothing else is involved, because nothing else is needed. For this little delight, Ana Paula seeks to extract the full goodness of the pineapples cultivated on São Miguel Island. In jam form, the pineapples retain their fresh and exciting perfume, providing absolutely unparalleled smell and taste sensations.

Tip: It is the ideal accompaniment to yoghurt, ice cream and even, if you are brave enough to try it, to pork meat or a crunchy-skinned morcela sausage from the Guarda region, to satisfy your appetite.


Image of Pineapple Jam