Tomato Jam

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Image of Tomato Jam

Adding Taste Quinta tomato jam to the panel of essential Portuguese jams is a true challenge. It is therefore necessary to demonstrate why it is worth giving a chance to our interpretation of one of the treasures of Portuguese confectionery.

To start at the beginning, Ana Paula selects the most mature organic tomatoes with the firmest flesh. Next, she prepares the fruit, removing its peel and seeds, and combines it with sugar and a hint of cinnamon and lime. Lastly, comes the finely chopped almonds. This combination, when heated gently, produces an almost alchemical reaction that creates a fusion of flavours, leaving something new and sophisticated to whet one’s appetite.

Tip: Try it solely as a dessert, or with a genuine Serpa dry cheese or even with goat milk yoghurt.


Image of Tomato Jam