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Image of Wishes

Using the original Taste Quinta chocolate salami recipe as a basis, Isabel created Desejos ("Desires") - small pieces of the delicacy resulting from combining the finest and most aromatic organically-produced Peruvian criollo cocoa with the most Portuguese of all biscuits - the Maria.

Due to their size, these little pieces of salami are perfect for moments when you are craving a little titbit to round off a generous meal without overloading, or when a coffee seems lonely but is not in need of a heavy accompaniment. Now imagine the pleasure of placing an ensemble of unique taste sensations in your mouth, wrapped in a fine layer of fragrant cocoa, for them to blossom at the same time. Don't hesitate to satisfy your desires.

Sugestão: Try it with a vintage Port and have a glimpse of paradise. Give in - don't be shy! Savour them! No need to feel guilty!


Image of Wishes